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After one night in Kowloon, Hong Kong I book my trip to Macau. I used the travel services on the third floor of Macau Ferry Building, which is about at 5 minute walk from the Star Ferry building. You can get all the details on how to take the trip to Macau from the other wonderful posts. Let me add that looking at the catalog of women available at the different Macau Sex Clubs is an unusual concept for me.

This is a long trip for me so I take no chances. I went for the top package at Darlings One. About 1500 Macau Patacas which is now about the same in HKK dollars = $200 USD. This includes the round trip ferry to be used within 3 days. I also want to stay in Macau for a day or two because it is a cool little island and it a hell of lot cheaper than HKK. I ask for a room at the East Asia Hotel, located on the northeast side of Macau island. Book the room for any hotel at the travel agencies. You save about 20% off the price this way as I found out later when I added one more day to my stay.

The East Asia Hotel offers a decent room, towels, hot tea, and over all great service for the money. It is about 180 HKD = 20 USD per night. Lonly Planet gave it some good reviews as did some older posts. In my opinion the best thing about this hotel is all the young girls hanging out in the lobby of this and the other two hotels close by. This is a must see experience for an American.

Shower, dinner, and off to Darlings. It is about 10 PM, which is two hours past the recommended 8 PM for the best selection. A cab ride is so inexpensive in Macau and takes about 10 minutes from the Hotel.

Darlings I - "Good Evening Sir" a well dressed young man greets me. Come this way, we have different girls for you. On this side we have the Thais, Vietnameese, Cambodian, etc. On this side we have the Taiwanese, Korean, Chinese, which offer better service (he says). And over here we have the Russian and Eastern European girls. Now girls in this exclusive area are the models. Which cost a bit more. I stopped him and asked if I could just take a pee so I could relax. "No problem sir." When I come back I explaining to him I already bought a package and he looks at it and motions to the others that it is good but the models will cost me more.

I return and he sits me down a nice couch where I can order a drink. I ask for ice water and it is on my table immediately. Now this is the hardest part. There are about 50 beautiful women dressed in these cute little camoflauged shorts and tops with little flashlights strapped on by holsters kind of to simulate a gun. Some one else called it Tomb Raider outfit. Quite fitting. Just totally cute and sexy. I sit and rub my chin indicating to the girls I am having a hard time. They smile, gyrate, wave, blow kisses, on and on. This is really one of the great experiences in life that makes me want to come to Macau time and time again. I pick number 67, a cute (my opinion) little Thai it turns out. I do not understand why people consider the Chinese, and Taiwanese in a slightly higher category than the Thais, Vietnameese, and Cambodians, but this I what I gathered from the gentleman in Darlings. Perhaps I am wrong and I mean no insult to any class of people. It is an observtion and a comment from what the . I picked the Thai girl anyway. She looked great to me.

The rooms are soft red with plenty of mirrors and a hot tub. The room is not pink like some cheap sex hotel. Joy is her name. She speaks enough english to communicate with and we talk a bit as she prepares the hot tub. Just the mere sight of her bending over to turn on the hot tub almost gave me a heart attack. What a great ass, in those little shorts. You almost don't want to remove her clothes because they add to the whole sexiness thing. As her clothes came off, her body revlead no flaws. Even her tits looked very real and in great proportion to her 5'5" frame. Now this is my second time at Darlings and sex is never rushed here. She says I am hers for an hour for anything I want to do. I get naked quickly and she takes me in the tub to wash me down. On the bed sucks my nipples, the slow and deliberate licking of the body and then says to relax while I will get a massage. And a good massage she gave. Took the kinks out of my body and ended with my cock in her mouth. We are ready for the hot tub. I fucked this girl in everyway that I could and it was exceptional. Skilled is an understatement. A true professional that gives honor to the girls of this trade. After I could't take anymore and I came screaming in her while her cute little ass was wiggling and squeezing my cock. We laid down and rested, talked about Macau, about Thailand, etc. When I was ready again, and this guys is not usually in my cards because after I come once I'm kinda good for hours, she gave me the best fucking blowjob I've ever had. Just where is Darlings University and where do these girls get their training. This is one damm good whore. This ranks up there with the best fucking experience I've ever had with a prostitute. Worth every penny . After this I ended up tipping her another $500 HKK, because I had no change in my pocket. Sorry guys, maybe it was too much. She gave me her phone number and said she would give me a good time later or the next day if I wanted. I should have called her because the next day I could not find a decent restaurant to eat and her english skills alone would have been worth it. Kind of whore/translator/and GFE for the same price of a cheap fuck. I regret not calling her.

I forgot to mention that I walked through the Lobby of the Lisboa Hotel and the action was awsome. Inside is the usual parade of Asian babes with the police keeping everything moving. More on how this works on other Macau posts, but I must mention it is fun just to go there and watch. Outside, heading towards the ferry, on the street with motorcyles parked side by side, you will find the other action. This is where the Romainians, Eastern Europe, and more Asian hookers hang out. The Asians started at 800 HKD and I negotiated down to 400 HKD. The Eastern Europeans are so stuck up that they won't go for less than 500 HKD. The competition was heavy and if I really wanted to I think 400 HKD = 50 USD would have been a fair price for any girl that night. That night there were, no kidding, about one hunderd girls. It was the weekend before the Macau grand prix and I knew they would be here. Or maybe there are always that many. Back at the East Asia Hotel, I greeted the welcoming comittee of young cuties and they rush to line up as you come in. My cock is pulsating still from all the Darling's meat pounding so I gracefully tell them I will see them later. Which ended up being the next day.

Slept late, wrote some e-mail, went to Zuhai, and toured Macau. Zuhai was a long trip because of all the lines you have to stand on at the border crossing. Zuhai was a waste of time in my opinion. I wanted to do some sightseeing and shopping, but the junk was all the same junk. Kind of sad really. Even the prostitutes working around the Guangdong Hotel looked hideous. One special expereince that I must mention. At the border crossing is an underground mall. More shops with more junk, but these cute little girls in white uniforms are bekoning me to come in for a massage. This is a legitamate beauty/Asian massage establishment in the mall with big windows. No hanky panky here, but a foot massage sounds great. How much? Something ridiculously low and I figure what the fuck. Give me a foot massage. The little girls were giggling and motioning in Chinese things I had no idea what they were talking about. I never in my life expereinced this and let me tell you it was worth what I think came out to 100 HKD = 12 USD. You can't even get a haircut in the states for that much. The fun was also in watching these girls work so hard at taking care of you. Four girls working around you like major surgery, laughing through the whole effort. I love Asia!

That evening I went down to the East Asia "welcome commitee" and negotiated down to 300 HKD = 45 USD. I selected this cute little Chinese girl. She said she was 18, she probably older because Chinese don't show their age. Long black hair, soft skin, great attitude, but a bit inexpereinced. With a little coaching I got the kind of blowjob I like. She was fun and she was really cute.

These welcome commitee girls have improved since my last visit, but the Lisboa has the hot model looking types. I personally don't care for the model types because most have an attitude and sex with them can be like shit. On my last visit to Macau I fucked two of these welcome committee girls at once. If you are going to do the two in one session deal this would be a good place. Again two prostitutes will not share the same dick once it has been in contact with the others fluids. I think that is smart, but makes for a awkward session of switching condoms.

I went to Bangkok for a coulple of days. You can read about on another post. I returned to Darlings for the second time in a week. This time Joy wasn't there. I picked another cutie but it turned out to be a big mistake for me. Her english was nil, her skill were not the same as Joy's and I can't even pronounce her name. Sex was really mechanical and the hour seemed to last forever. Just goes to show you that even in Darlings, which really has some of the best looking girls I have ever seen in a fishbowl. The experience was not the same as the previous two visits I had to Darlings, but I would go again because I think it is worth the money. This was my last day in Asia. Too bad.

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